Street Cats & Beer Mats





Severus House
Severus House – logo – after JL Carr & The Quince Tree Press


Executed in black biro and cigarette ash on the reverse of a Yorkshire Blonde (Ossett Brewery) beermat – Benalmedana Pueblo, Spain, March 2017.


Beermat from The Fox, Holgate, York


Rear Garden - Rough Sketch on Beer Mat
Rough Sketch for front cover of Rear Garden, or The Cat Who knew Too Much

Black biro and cigarette ash, again on the back of a Yorkshire Blonde.

Rear Garden on the back of a Timothy Taylor Boltmaker beermat, executed in black and green biro, felt tip, and blue and green highlighter pen (Easter 2017, York). I think I might have overdone the colour, hence the B&W version.

Theodore Cat Detective
Rough Sketch for cover of The First of Nine – later developed as the cover of the CreateSpace edition of The First of Nine

Black biro on the back of a Hobgoblin beermat, swiped from The Sun Inn, Acomb, York. Probably sometime in 2015.

This was later developed over Easter 2016.








Street Cats & Beer Mats

Paperback of The First of Nine now available…



The Severus House edition of The First of Nine is now available to purchase. If they don’t have it in the bookshop, just ask and they can order a copy!  Alternatively you can buy from Amazon… Buy a copy here.

Or directly from the publisher at the cover price of £8.99 (including postage and packing) by emailing

The First of Nine is Theodore’s first foray into crime investigation. It is a cat’s take on the murder mystery novel.  It is the first of his nine lives.

Title Page


Paperback of The First of Nine now available…