The First of Nine: The Case of the Clementhorpe Killer

In the outbuilding of a terraced house in Clementhorpe, York, the body of pigeon-fancier Peter Morris lies waiting to be discovered.  In the grey light of dawn a cat enters the yard – just because the gate has been left open.

The large grey fluffy cat is called Theodore.

He looks at the dead body with the same interest he would a dead moth.  Murder, he thinks and goes to alert his owner Emily.  Within the hour Theodore is accused by the newly-widowed Wendy of eating one of Peter’s pigeons.  He resolves to clear his name and unmask the Clementhorpe Killer.

Suspects include Wendy, Craig Foster – a red-haired loner, Ahmet and Zeynep – the Turkish couple up the street, artist Michael and his boyfriend Philip, divorcee Diane, and then there’s Emily’s new boyfriend Jonathan…

The First of Nine is Theodore’s first foray into crime investigation.  It’s a cat’s take on the murder mystery novel.  It’s the first of his nine lives. It’s a must-read for anyone who’s ever wondered what their cat gets up to while they’re out…

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