Street Cats & Beer Mats





Severus House
Severus House – logo – after JL Carr & The Quince Tree Press


Executed in black biro and cigarette ash on the reverse of a Yorkshire Blonde (Ossett Brewery) beermat – Benalmedana Pueblo, Spain, March 2017.


Beermat from The Fox, Holgate, York


Rear Garden - Rough Sketch on Beer Mat
Rough Sketch for front cover of Rear Garden, or The Cat Who knew Too Much

Black biro and cigarette ash, again on the back of a Yorkshire Blonde.

Rear Garden on the back of a Timothy Taylor Boltmaker beermat, executed in black and green biro, felt tip, and blue and green highlighter pen (Easter 2017, York). I think I might have overdone the colour, hence the B&W version.

Theodore Cat Detective
Rough Sketch for cover of The First of Nine – later developed as the cover of the CreateSpace edition of The First of Nine

Black biro on the back of a Hobgoblin beermat, swiped from The Sun Inn, Acomb, York. Probably sometime in 2015.

This was later developed over Easter 2016.








Street Cats & Beer Mats